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Ph.D. (Computer Science and Engineering)
Associate Professor,
Information System Division & 
University of Aizu

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, But fools despise wisdom and instruction.  
(Proverbs 1:7 - NKJV)


I am researching operational management, system development methods, external and internal world perception, and distributed automated air traffic control based on these methods for advanced air mobility systems.
I am a Christian and believe in Jesus Christ and His Father God. To live conveniently in the natural environment He created, we need to listen to Him and manage it well. I am interested in learning about methods for that management, especially about the sky in the future.


Education in AY2022


FU09 Algorithm & Data Structure II [JP] [EN]

1Q, 3nd grade, Monday & Thursday, M7 Lecture Room & STD5 Exercise Room


IT03 Digital Image Processing [JP] [EN]

2Q, 4nd grade, M1 Lecture Room & STD3 Exercise Room


IT11 Natural Language Processing & Information Retrieval [JP] [EN]

4Q, 3rd grade, STD6, STD3, Exercise Room


ITC05F Machine Larning

2Q, Graduate, 7th and 8th on Tue. and Fri. M1 Lecture Room & STD3 Exercise Room


ITA06 Image Recognition and Understanding
3Q, Graduate, 5th to 8th on Tue., M11 Lecture room


ITC04A Modern Control Theory

4Q, Graduate, 1st to 4th on Fri., S11, STD6

ITA17 Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning

3Q, Graduate, 3rd and 4tth  on Mon. and Wed., M1 Lecture Room & STD3 Exercise Room

Research Themes: Advanced Air Mobility - Conflict Management, Path Planning, Detect and Avoid and Media Fusion for AI

Conflict Management Design :

Conflict management is an essential element in the social implementation of advanced air mobility. In particular, air traffic control automation has become an inevitable situation. Our research is on distributed UTM and its associated subsystems for UAVs and UAMs flying on an even larger scale.

Fleet Control for Multiple UAVs:

We are studying safe path planning for multi-body UAV systems that can control a fleet and operate many UAVs with a small number of operators.

UAS Security Design:

We are researching airworthiness security procedures that contribute to type certification and a methodology. Primarily, we are developing a documenting methodology for building security for UAS that can present security items more concisely.

Auto-Mapping and Navigation for Robots:

Autonomous navigation cannot be performed efficiently without a map in advance. We are studying how to create a map for this purpose (SLAM) and how to integrate heterogeneous multiple sensor information and reuse it for navigation using the best information from sensors with different accuracy.

Autonomous Flight in Disaster Response :

We are researching autonomous navigation systems for autonomous search and rescue during disaster response and competition design to realize such systems.

Metaverse and Cyber-Physical System:

Metaverse and Cyber-Physical systems can be described as augmented reality of a person and a robot, respectively. We are looking for ways to apply robotic technology to people and human technology to robots, respectively.

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